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  Elli Williams


517 E Hyde Park Place

Inglewood, CA 90302

T  424-376-9937 


Born in USA

BA Fine & Applied Arts, University of Ulster, Belfast NI

According to Myers Briggs, I have a moderate preference of extraversion over introversion and intuition over sensing. According to astrology, I possess the firey qualities of a lion tempered by the sensitivity of a virgin. According to my history, I chose a degree in art over science, a career as a freelancer over a steady job and, more recently, Los Angeles over the many other places around the world I've called home.

I am an editorial and commercial photographer that delights in the experiential and social nature of image making. I savor the realization of the final photograph as I pass through the overlapping landscapes of science and art. The beauty and physics of light and the geometric perfection of composition led me into the craft, while the interactions with the things I love – food, people, places and events – stay my interest. And regardless of the professional category in which I fit, I hope our paths are fated to cross.

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